Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers

One of the biggest struggles for most pond owners is keeping the pond clean and free of debris. Failure to do so can not only make a pond look dirty and unattractive, but it can also threaten the health of any inhabitants such as fish. While there a number of pumps, filters and chemicals that help keep ponds clean, one of the most essential tools is the pond skimmer. Pond skimmers are designed to remove surface debris from the pond before it sinks to the bottom. Skimming is important because debris that falls to the bottom of the pond can collect and decay, ultimately polluting the pond water. Although most professionally installed ponds include pond skimmers, there are some things to consider if your pond doesn’t have a pond skimmer and you are looking to install one.

Pond Skimmers

Selecting the Right Pond Skimmer

While there are various pond skimmers available, experts recommend pond owners use the out-of-the-pond skimmers. One of the benefits of an out-of-the-pond skimmer is that it can be serviced outside of the pond, eliminating the need to enter the pond to remove debris from its filters or mats. These skimmers help to pre-filter the pond water, which helps prevent pump clogging, while also serving as the pump vault and overflow system.

In addition, pond skimmers with either brushes or horizontal mats are preferred over those that use a vertical mat, which can starve the pump of water if the mat becomes clogged with debris. The pre-filtering of the pond water by the pond skimmer helps to reduce the load on the pond filter, which increases the pond filter’s life. Pond skimmers come in a number of sizes, which are based on the flow rate of the pump the pond skimmer contains. The higher the flow rate of the pump the bigger pond area the skimmer will be able to help keep clean.

Installing a Pond Skimmer

In order for a pond skimmer to be as effective as possible it must be installed at the proper elevation. If it is installed too high out of the water or too deep in the water, it won’t function properly. In addition, installation of a pond skimmer will involve cutting into your pond liner. For these reason, it is highly recommended that your pond skimmer be professionally installed.

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